Compression Stockings

Compression stockings and socks are specialised hosiery items designed to increase blood circulation.

Compression Stockings

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  • How do support stockings work? Support stockings provide a graduated compression that helps blood flow from the lower leg towards the heart. Compression is firmest at the ankle, and gradually reduces as the distance from the ankle increases.
  • Graduated compression stockings cannot cure varicose veins, but they can prevent further vein deterioration. Long-term use of support stockings is recommended, even after leg vein surgery, to prevent the condition developing again.
  • Wearing support stockings Graduated compression stockings should not be worn at night unless under a doctor's advice. If your toes start to tingle while wearing compression stockings, you should remove the stockings and consult your doctor or pharmacist. The stocking fabric should be evenly distributed over the leg and not pulled over tightly at the top. You should never fold over the band at the top of the stocking as this will constrict leg circulation. Similarly, you should not cut or modify the stocking fabric as this will alter the compression.
  • Looking after your support stockings After washing, do not dry your stockings in a clothes dryer. Refer to the manufacturer's information for laundry details.
  • Being measured for support stockings It is important that you are fitted with the correct size support stocking, according to the properly taken measurement.
  • An open-toe stocking is not recommended for people with bunions, or very broad or fat feet, because the band across the foot may become restrictive and uncomfortable. Support stockings should be replaced every 6 months as the elasticity of the fabric will loosen over time, and may not provide the required compression.
  • You should have your legs re-measured every 6 months when having your stockings replaced. Measurements are best taken as early as possible in the morning. If you have walked to the pharmacy, you should rest your legs horizontally for as long as possible before being measured.
  • Graduated compression stockings are designed to be firm and supportive. Moving up or down a size is not recommended, as the amount of compression applied to the lower leg will not be correct.


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